Hospitality boffins who help small & independent businesses maximise their front of house and product potential. For those that love what they do as much as we do!

We are independent consultants that specialise in the independent bar, cafe and restaurant trade. Offering consulting, training and support in management, brand strategy, Sales & service, training, procedural & structural protocol following many years of professional Kitchen, barista and bartending experience throughout our ranks. We can help you deliver the best you can from your business. 

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Yes! Online training is nearly here

We are super close to launching our employer training e-learning platform to host courses designed to induct and train your staff. We have designed online to training to be cost effective, efficient, responsive and easy to use. Why online? so we can keep your costs down and your time spent where it should be: on your business.

We understand that a team is only as good as the people within it,  so this training creates unified standards across your team to ensure optimum performance to grow your business.

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Training & Workshops

Having a hospitality business is like conducting an orchestra at times, and everything needs to be in sync; If things get muddled, calamity ensues. Our training & workshops help remove the headache by developing the skill sets within your business to provide your customers with the best possible experience. We specialise in the specific features of the small & independent side of the hospitality industry, and understand your team are major assets; an investment in the future growth and development of your business.


Success in this industry depends on having the frame of mind and attitude to deliver what your customers want, and we have our consultancy packages to help you find the tools to reach your goals in a way you can afford. Our nifty packages are designed to give you clarity and confidence to get you to where you want to be - we get the ball rolling by assessing where your business is, where you want it to be, and how we can get it there together. We pride ourselves on our flexible packages and payment schemes to suit even the smallest business; everyone should have the resources to achieve their dream in what they love.

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